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‘All in the Call’: Youth Initiative


The Korean-American United Methodist Youth Initiative Conference was founded by first-generation pastors and designed by second-generation lay leaders and pastors. The conference brings in youth leaders from all over the nation and is designed to equip and experience God together. Naturally, many of these young people are called into ministerial leadership and several alumni have become pastors and are even bringing their own youth leaders back to the YI Conference! This year, there were 9 churches that sent 53 students, and over a dozen young leaders came forward and proclaimed their call into ministry as either a pastor or missionary.

Youth Initiative is not a retreat, but a conference. The objective is not only spiritual growth, but practical application and accomplishment. The evening worships are designed to be more dramatic and included a full praise team from Valley KUMC. The varying keynote speakers - missionary, lawyer lay leader, architect lay leader, and youth pastor - brought an overall sense to the theme of this year's conference of "All in the Call". To drive home the theme, the students attended "the basics" seminar sessions - spiritual gifts, leadership, evangelism, and the UMC for high school students; your identity, bible study and quiet time, and healthy relationships for middle school students. Several seminar topics that students could chose from included missions, how not to compartmentalize your life, seminary, UMC's views on certain hot topics, worship and praise, and more! Some students even chose to help package a total of 10,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now!

A 10th grader from KUMC San Diego said that through YI, "I have grown both as a Christian and as a leader. I feel as if I've seen God face to face and YI was such a refreshing experience. YI has helped me gain more knowledge not just spiritually, but practically as a leader." It is the hope of the design team that students will have left the conference energized and further empowered to serve, not only in their local churches but in the community of God.

Gloria Kim
YI Director
Nexus Finance Chair

올린날: 2015년 10월 1일, 연합감리교회 공보부, TN