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Rev. Elaine Cho

Dr. Soong Chan Rah

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‘All in the Call’: Nexus


The Nexus Convocation is a biennial conference that brings together the Korean-American leaders and members of the English-speaking Korean-American communities in the UMC and those who minister with them. For quite a while, these "next generation" programs were by and large funded and organized by first-generation (Korean-speaking) leaders. The idea behind Nexus Ministry was to create a network for the next generation run by the next generation. In 2011, Nexus Ministry was launched with the full blessing of the National Korean Caucus.

This year's convocation was on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego (San Diego, CA). The theme of "All in the Call" not only reflected our desire to encourage and equip both our clergy and our laity, but also to promote racial, gender, and generational healing. We held the conference concurrently with Children's Ministry Initiative (CMI), Youth Initiative (YI), and College Initiative (CI). The result was a phenomenal experience of having over 250 individuals of all ages representing churches from across the country learning together and inspiring one another.

One conference attendee wrote, "Because I didn’t grow up in a faith community that affirmed women (perhaps in theology, but not in social practice) wholly, it was the first time I felt affirmed as an Asian American woman in an Asian American worship space, not only by Reverend Elaine’s sharing and Dr. Rah’s preaching, but also through interactions with everyone through the week. This was priceless and life/identity-altering for me."

Nexus Ministry though our website, our networking, and our conferences hope to create a genuine community within which the disciples of Jesus Christ of the UMC can find such life changing connection, no matter who they are, and no matter what context they serve.

Find out more about Nexus! Visit us at:

Rev. Sam Park
Community Church at Holliston UMC (Pasadena, CA)
Nexus President

올린날: 2015년 10월 1일, 연합감리교회 공보부, TN