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‘All in the Call’: Children’s Ministry Initiative


The second Korean-American United Methodist Church Leadership Conference was held from August 5-8, on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego.  This conference brought together four Korean Ministry Plan Initiatives – Children’s Ministry Initiative, Youth Initiative, College Initiative and Nexus. 

A unique conference where four Initiatives come together at one location and where it is a nexus for worship, collaboration, equipping, and sending forth.  This year, the Korean-American United Methodist Church Leadership Conference brought together over 200 lay and clergy leaders and their families.  As one pastor shared, “this year, we were unsure whether we could make it out due to finances but my wife and my children all insisted that we needed to find a way to make it happen.”  John Kim, a lay leader from Abundant Life Community in San Diego, wrote on his FB, “Thank you to all the leaders for organizing such a blessed-filled event!  I had a GREAT time and it was so cool to have EVERYONE (children, youth, college and adult) at one event.”   

Here is a glimpse of Korean-American United Methodist Church Leadership Conference 2015.

As part of the Children’s Ministry Initiative program, we held our second Nexus Kids Camp in collaboration with YI/CI/Nexus.  Our Kids Camp directors and staff (21) came from across the country to volunteer and minister to children of our Korean American United Methodist clergy and laity.  Although much of CMI’s resources are spent on training, mentoring, consulting, networking and promoting Children’s Ministry in the local church; we saw a great opportunity to serve and minister to a group of children who often times experience hardships associated with being children of parents who are active in leading the church. 

Our program runs with a morning and evening VBS (G-Force) and during the afternoons, we run a camp style track program with break outs like swimming, Dance Studio, Basketball, Art Studio and Science lab.  Just as one child excitedly told his father, “We have a real band for worship!” we were also blessed to hear the attention grabbing and powerful messages by Pastor Jinny Song from KUMC of Detroit as our Kids Camp speaker.  Having this unique conference where YI/CI/and Nexus are also putting together collaborative and simultaneous programs, allowed for our volunteers to also take in workshops and worships from YI/CI and Nexus.   From all our directors and staff at Nexus Kids Camp 2015, our hearts are full of thanksgiving and praise for a blessed and powerful Conference. 

Pastor Tarah Lee
KUMC of Greater Washington – Centreville Campus
CMI Design Team
Nexus Vice President

올린날: 2015년 10월 1일, 연합감리교회 공보부, TN